Dates: 23 August ~ 22 September
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The Virgo woman

A Virgo woman is courageous and has the guts in her to do what she believes is right. She might appear shy and reserved, but when it comes to protecting her loved ones she can be very fierce. For her love and relationships are very important and she will do anything and everything to give her 100 percent to it. She is complete in all aspects, highly determined, independent, brave and talented. If she decides to do something, then there is nothing stopping her.

In relationships she can be very loyal and dedicated. She will give her best to make it work, but if it still doesn't work then she will just forget about it and move on. She will not find it difficult to move on in life and make new priorities, if older ones don't work. However she will not do so without giving more than her 100 percent to make it work. Her character is a mixture of many different traits like emotions, practicality, romance, common sense etc. She can be very passionate and at the same time very cold at the same time. She has a very sharp eye for details and is highly critical about things in and around her.

She is a perfectionist and seeks efficiency in all that she does and others do for her. She is punctual, accurate and perfect in what she does. However sometimes she can act too stubborn and rigid, believing that what she believes in or thinks is always right.


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