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Moon in Virgo - Traits, Personality & its Meaning

A Virgo Moon suggests your security needs are focused mainly on having a well-planned lifestyle with set routines which you may follow meticulously. You can be very critical of yourself if you catch yourself departing from what you regard as an efficient lifestyle, and you may extend this criticism to others too. A Virgo Moon can be quite shy, and although your feelings may be constantly stirred you will be reticent about expressing them, partly due to a natural reserve, partly because a demonstrative emotional display is out of keeping with your strong sense of decorum. So rather than show the empathy you feel you will help those you love in more practical ways, like going to collect a prescription or doing the shopping. With Moon in Virgo you like being of service to others and will generally be undemonstrative about being so, perhaps to such an extent that they do not notice how much you are doing.. Then you can become resentful, a state of affairs easily curable by just a small expression of appreciation. Your willingness to be of service can lead to others taking advantage of you, and you may take on so much that you have no time to relax and serve your own needs. Even when you do you feel guilty about it. Then you can become an unloved and resentful martyr.

A Virgo Moon's desire for a well-ordered life may well extend to care for physical health, especially in terms to a controlled diet. Your concerns may range from a well-researched dietary practice eating wholesome organic produce to a fastidiousness that does you more harm than good because you are never able to relax and just enjoy your food.

If you are a mother with Moon in Virgo you will be very concerned about your children's health and physical well-being, perhaps less skilled at encouraging their imaginations in the areas of sport and play.


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