Dates: 23 August ~ 22 September
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The Virgo Man

A Virgo man is very selfless, responsible and has high standards. He is very responsible towards his duties, be it that of family or profession. Sometimes it becomes very difficult for people around him to meet his standards. He rarely makes compromises or reduces his standards for anyone or anything. He needs something in his life to keep him on track, or else he will get lost.

He is self sufficient, self directed, independent man who does not need anybody's assistance to achieve success and do well in life. He is capable enough to take care of himself. He is not a mama's boy to get back to his mother for everything. It is not because he doesn't respect or value his mother, but it is because he has confidence in his abilities and knows that he can survive on his own. He values relationships a lot and is the best man to keep the relationships active and alive. He is stubborn and will stick to his stand, come what may.

He is not scared of doing what he believes is right. You don't have to force him to do something, if he believes that it is right, he will do it, without anyone telling him to do so. But sometimes he cannot resist the child in him from coming up once in a while. He can be a very dedicated father and a responsible husband, always sensitive to the needs of his family.


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