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Virgo Love Horoscope Today

Saturday: September 18, 2021

Today's Love: Put yourself in your lover's shoes, Virgo. Single or already attached, today's astro-weather is presenting you with the opportunity to cultivate compassion and hold space for others, especially when it comes to your one-on-one connections. Moreover, Venus' bewitching transit through Scorpio via your exotic ninth house of adventure, wisdom, and belief systems brings harmony and abundance to themes surrounding your worldly pursuits and personal philosophy. Although, for some of you, this could serve as a catalyst for a long-distance connection or perhaps with someone with a different cultural background. You're aroused by the mere thought of venturing into the unknown, and you're going for it. 

Today's Dating: Once again, it's up to you to get your friends back to working together. If it feels like you're a kindergarten teacher, that's not too far off from the truth. But you're good at it, and they're glad to have you.

Virgo Love Horoscope Tomorrow

Sunday: September 19, 2021

Tomorrow's Love: Virgo, you're emotionally invested, and from the looks of today's astro-weather, your special someone is too. For instance, in addition to the moon glimmering through your committed seventh house of agreements, compromise, and significant others, it will be in harmony with freedom-loving Uranus via your exotic ninth house of adventure, expansion, and unknown territory. This could have something to do with you and/or your lover's belief systems becoming clearer, which, in turn, creates more freedom in your connection. Keep in mind, Luna will also trine Venus via your curious third house of communication, thought processes, and immediate surroundings, adding a layer of flirty seduction to your conversations.

Tomorrow's Dating: You could benefit from basking in some maternal wisdom -- time for some mental and emotional recharging. Spend quality time with folks close to you, especially those of the female persuasion.

Virgo Love Horoscope Yesterday

Friday: September 17, 2021

Yesterday's Love: You're focusing on your pentacle and keeping your eyes on the prize, Virgo. For instance, Luna will join Jupiter via your dutiful sixth house of daily rituals, due diligence, and acts of service today, magnifying themes surrounding your overall wellbeing and tedious to-do list. Have you been ignoring your cutie's text messages? Balancing your personal vs. professional life may seem more challenging than usual today, so stay grounded, but more importantly, be honest with yourself. Luna will face off with Venus via your curious third house of communication, creating friction between your desire for connection vs. tending to your busy schedule.

Yesterday's Dating: Most people have to sit on a mountaintop for a hundred years, give or take before that all-important light bulb goes on over their heads. You, on the other hand, may gain access to ancient wisdom sooner than you think.


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