Dates: 23 August ~ 22 September
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Virgo in love

Virgos by nature appear very cold and emotionless from the outside, however they are very caring and emotional inside. They do not easily fall in relationships and will analyze every aspect of it before they decide to commit. However once they decide to commit it will be for a long term. They are very loving and caring partners who will take care of everything that their partner needs.

They observe their partners minutely so that they can learn more about them and keep them happy in different ways. Virgos seek perfection in life, thus they do the same in relationships as well. The keen attention they pay to their partners makes their partners feel special in the relationship. They skillfully handle difficult situations in relationships to keep it conflict free. However they are perfectionist and simple things will make them unhappy. They want a highly ideal relationship which might not be practically possible to have. Their critical nature might also create tension between them and their partners.

They are not very good in showing their affection initially and will find it very difficult to take the first step in love. However they are highly trustworthy and sincere in relationships and give a lot of importance to their loved ones.


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