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Virgo In Health

The sign of the Virgo horoscope rule the hands, abdomen, intestine, spleen and central nervous system. Thus they experience problems related to these parts of the body. Some of the common illness faced by Virgos is cold, cough, pneumonia, problems related to nervous system, ingestion etc. They worry a lot which makes them go through various mental stress and problems. Stomach and bowel problems are also quite common in them, including colic and ulcers.

In case of male Virgos, they will face some problems related to their sex organs. Individuals belonging to Virgo sign are very much interested in drugs, medicines etc. They also take great pleasure in good food. Sometimes over indulgence in food makes them prone to various stomach related illness. Virgo's cell salt is potassium sulfate. This salt plays an important role to maintain the oil balance in the body. Lack of this salt in food can cause various problems like hair loss, acne, dandruff, flaky skin, dry hair etc.

Thus they need to make sure that they take food items that provide them with plenty of potassium sulfate. Their body is not very strong in tolerating different kinds of drugs, so they need medical supervision while taking drugs.

Usually Virgos are very particular about their health and hygiene. They take great precaution to maintain good health and stay fit all the time. Cleanliness and order is integral to their existence. This characteristic of theirs play a very important role in keeping them healthy and fit.


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