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Virgo Horoscope Today

Thursday: October 14, 2021

Let yourself snap into your natural productive mindset today, Virgo. You’re looking to accomplish things and don’t need any more roadblocks hindering your path! The moon roams through future-oriented Aquarius, helping you home in with laser sharp vision on your current to-do list. Later, the moon’s squabble with Uranus can offer changes of plan around educational ventures and travel plans.

Virgo Horoscope Tomorrow

Friday: October 15, 2021

You need a win, Virgo. Let yourself have one today! The universe is working to brighten things up on the work/life balance front today as the path-lighting sun forms a smooth connection with big-picture Jupiter. This optimistic pairing brings opportunities for advancement and expansion with your self-confidence, especially on the work front. Don’t be shy about reaching out and asking for what you want.

Virgo Horoscope Yesterday

Wednesday: October 13, 2021

Your work/life balance has been put to the test in recent times, Virgo. Structure-seeking Saturn has been encouraging you to prioritize your health in a new capacity, which requires you to honor feelings of being burned out or overwhelmed. Wednesday’s skies bring you a sweet dose of relief in this department via your home and family connections as gift-giving Venus meets with stoic Saturn.


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