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Virgo Horoscope Today

Thursday: January 28, 2021

If you're looking for some help to develop your self-discipline, you need only look in the mirror. No one can control you as well as you can control yourself, so stop looking for outside solutions for your inner issues. You obviously have a vested interest in how you develop as a person, so you have to focus on helping yourself develop. That little voice inside of you knows what's good for you and what isn't good for you, so listen to it.

Virgo Horoscope Tomorrow

Friday: January 29, 2021

There's a fine line between being charmingly talkative and being a blabbermouth. You know how to walk that line, but not all people do. Keep an eye out for a friend or co-worker who isn't watching what they say today. Step in and help either prevent them from putting their foot in their mouth or (if you are too late) help them dig themselves out of an awkward hole. Your quick thinking and quirky wit can help everyone move forward to better topics and better ideas.

Virgo Horoscope Yesterday

Wednesday: January 27, 2021

Put a little more energy into staying current. You need to learn more about what's going on. This could apply to news events, pop culture, politics, sports, or even just your social circle. Check out what's going on online and ask people about the buzz. When you do enough research about the modern world, you will always have something to say. This is valuable when it comes to building relationships.


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